Mission Statement

JETS Forever Trustees have formed an association to engage in the design, fabrication and promotion of high end Bay Area lowrider motorcycles.

Membership will be open to likeminded folks who will share the same unbridled passion and aspiring to possess an approved stretched lowrider or otherwise approved motorcycle.

It is the avowed purpose of the Association to promote engineering with flair, brotherhood, fun, political incorrectness, eclectic style and riding.

Jets Forever

All participants are listed alphabetically.

Executive Producers




Director/Music Director


Jets Forever

Digital Producers




Alain @ http://alainsauquet.com

Laurent @ http://www.laugraph.fr

Csaba @ fiveflowbespokemedia@gmail.com

Fabrication Studios

Aurelien @ http://www.milwaukee-twin.com/index.php/concession/

Bertie @ http://www.jetsforever.com/odyssey-motorcycles

Carlo @ carlo.molinaro@orange.fr

Chris / Dave / Davey
Email address: pdcustombikes@yahoo.com

Colin & Mick @ http://www.moorespeedracing.co.uk

Ian @ http://www.facebook.com/ian.borrowman

John  @ http://www.cobraframes.co.uk

Jets Forever

Paint Artists

Bert @ http://www.odyssey-motorcycles.com

Keith @ http://www.classic-cycleworks.co.uk

Stigs @ https://stigscustompaint.com

Tom @ http://www.imagedesigncustom.co.uk

Yves Jacob-Jungbluth @ jacob.ya@orange.fr

1st Tier Partners

Alessandro @ http://www.kustomtech.eu/en

Charlotte @ http://www.abdecometal.com

Christine Le Pera @ http://www.lepera.com

Christophe @ http://ohlins.fr

Cory @ http://arlenness-motorcycles.com

Jean-François @ http://www.bjfcomposite.com

Joel @ http://www.mcracingsa.com

László @ http://caferacersuspension.com

Marc @ http://www.part-ners.com

Marco @ https://www.facebook.com/Fedrips

Mark @ http://www.legacy85.co.uk

Nicolas @ http://www.estmd.com/en

Pete Lovell @ petelovell100@googlemail.com

Rikki @ http://www.battistinisusa.com

Etienne / Olivier / Marie Laure @ http://www.beringer-brakes.com/en

Simon @ https://www.facebook.com/simon.parkertanks

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