A word from our Godfather, Jeff Duval

Jeff Duval

My passion for motorcycles started when I first visited England in the sixties, finding myself outside a pub with, parked outside, a BSA Spitfire MkII and a Royal Enfield Constellation; both red, chrome and black. Inside the pub, four lads, three guitars and a drum set, whose sound and energy already would preview a revolution unlike any seen before.

Jeff's Bio

This screaming double discovery of deep emotions will change my life forever. When I got back, I started importing English second-hand motorcycles and other Marshall, Vox, Sound City, etc. amps to Europe with some success. At the same time, I was “headhunted” to become the Lead Singer in a Rock ‘n’ Roll band, which, in the late Sixties was often booked as 1st act to A List artists that were world renowned.

A few years later, like millions of "haired" people around the world, the release of Easy Rider completed my conversion to the US Big Twins but not at the expense of Rest of the World’s iconic machines. This corruption was to be total and final!

Following a promising military adventure in the special forces (6 Marine Para (SAS)) cut short by the ardent need for other adventures, I returned to my first loves and settle in England definitively where I meet the Battistinis brothers Rikki and Dean with whom I share all that is funny, forbidden, immoral and makes “the bourgeois”, and especially their daughters green with envy!...

Battistini Logos

At Christmas 1992, we travelled together to San Leandro Ca., and we succeeded, never knowing how, in convincing Arlen Ness and Performance Machine to entrust us with the distribution of their products throughout Europe.


20 years on, JETS Motorcycle was then founded with the same idea, bringing together great talents around a certain idea of the motorcycle: At its core today: Rikki Battistini of Battistinis Custom Cycles USA and Colin Moore of Moore Speed Racing In the South of England, immensely aided by a string of Best in Class craftsmen whom we are proud to salute on this occasion (in alphabetical order) Dan Collins, Ian Borrowman, Jean-Francois Vicente, John Parry, Sean Reynolds, Tony Taysom and, of course, the Team at Image Custom Design, Tom, Steve, Mandy and Sammy who have now reached the highest painting skills developed by PaintMeister Jeff McCann (RiP) several decades ago…

Michelin Global Design Challenge Winner  

So this, on the advent of the New Century, was when the concept of JETS Forever was born.
You can read more about the forming of JETS Forever here.

In two words to finish and plagiarise one of my best mentors and friend, the famous Californian custom painter Jeff McCann (RiP 2012 - Respects):

Motorcycles & 2000 Watts Forever!

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