FXRS East 14th Blues' Backstory

September 2019

FXRS East 14th Blues

FXRS East 14th Blues


As usual with our tribe, there is monumental history behind what is effectively a “Renaissance”!

FXRS East 14th Blues

Yes, this happens to be the remnants of first bike (aka JD1) ever built by Arlen Ness 25 years ago for Jeff circa 1995! Ness 7/8th + 5” frame / double 18 / PM brakes / 4 valve heads 98ci / sporting McCann’s arguably best ever glorious candy red & cream paintwork with that iconic gold & silver leaf Eagle Head on gas tank. The Jamais Vu scoot created a media storm on this side of the pond…

FXRS East 14th Blues

Alas, it did not have a very long road life as Rikki Battistini succeeded in badly crashing it trying to negotiate at inconsiderate speed one of our infamous roundabouts. To cut a (very) long story shorter, the bike was restored in quite a different guise under the imaginative name of JD2 () only to disappear into the various volcanos & tsunamis that took place around here over the late 90’s.

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20 years forward, a call from Paint Meister Keith Baker: Jeffarz, I have somat you might recognize?

It was JD2’s gas tank & fender in a restorable state!... which said Keith duly undertook to do !!!

The many other craftsmen who then contributed to this renaissance are: John from Cobra Frames; Chris, Dave & Davey from P&D Customs; Csaba & Laszlo From CR Suspension, Etienne & Severine from Beringer Brakes; Tony from Stigs Custom Paint who completed the repaint following Keith’s initial restoration job &, last but not least, the Soopa PDI guru Mick of Moore Speed Racing.

Technical Specs


Designed by Ness & Duval. Built by P&D Customs Team aided in this missionary task by all the top artisans listed in the description above.


New 103ci Shovel by S&S.
Ness vintage 2-1 exhaust line replica handmade by P&D’s Dave Batchelar.


EVO 5 Speed housed into polished Delkron cases.
BDL belt primary drive & chain final drive for that classic feel.


Custom frame designed & built from scratch by John Parry of Cobra Frames.
Classic chromoly 7/8th tube 5” stretch & 37 degree rake.

Suspension & Steering

Ceriani competition forks & rear shox supplied by CR Suspension of Hungary.
Custom midglide trees & drag bars by P&D Customs.

Wheels & Brakes

Polished S/S wheels by TTS, 18 x 4.25 rear / 21 x 3.00 front.
Beringer racing kit: 2AP11 calipers, M/C’s & Controls.
13”  Ricks’ Seven Sins rotors.


Speedhut 4” Dual Gauge - 160mph GPS Speedometer.
8K Tachometer.
OEM Oil pressure gauge.
Motogadget control buttons.

Bodywork & Seating

Bodywork is a happy mélange of Ness classic lines & hand made parts from P&D Custom & Cobra Frames.


It’ll grow on ya…
as Arlen used to say!


Young Csaba Winter of hello@fiveflowmedia.co.uk
mentored by a forever uncompromising Jefferz!


Paint McCann / Baker / Stigs.
Bikes built from scratch take a long time to settle. Thus MSR Poole’s PDI Guru Mick will always oversee finals.

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