June 2020



Custom HarleyFXRSS II


Around the Roaring Nineties, we got it into our heads to marry the classic look, reliability and comfort of the FXR with our own vision of what a lowrider should look like: Very long, lean and low; 7/8th chromoly tubing for that unique Bay Area look, with no angles whatsoever, the total elegance of the project being almost exclusively based on fluidity of lines…

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So, when our custom 7/8th chromoly frame arrived from John Parry’s Cobra emporium, we decided that, far from drowning its design mastery into yards of aluminium panels, or loadza cheapo and not so cheerful tin gadgetry, we actually went the other way and made sure that whatever we did would serve to enhance the frame’s finesse. As a result, we had to resolve many technical challenges to ensure adherence to Arlen’s “no shit” engineering with flair scriptures! 


After much R&D, the scoot glides, roars and brakes beautifully. Whilst clearly not for the novice or the fainthearted, its utter rideability will surprise most cynics. 

FXRSS MkII is on display at Battistinis Custom Cycles in Los Angeles…

Technical Specs


Design & Build:
Handcock / Tharme / Duval.


Total Performance 121ci/1975cc.
Torque 125 LBS @ 3900 rpm.
Power 121 BHP @ 5500 rpm.
S&S Super G carb.
TP Electronic ignition.


5 Speed Baker Internals; Delkron housing; Rivera Primo Brute IV Primary; PM Hydraulic Clutch.


7/8th Chromoly; 5” stretch & 38 degree rake by John Parry of Cobra Frames. Mods by Dave Batchelar.

Suspension & Steering

Arlen Ness Narrow Glide Trees with iconic Fairing.
Front: 39 forks with Battistinis vintage lead axle conversion.
Rear: Progressive Suspension.

Wheels & Brakes

Battistinis C-Thru 11.5” discs and billet wheels. Front 2.25” x 21”; Rear 5.5” x 18”
Beringer Classic Line AP211 Red Callipers; Black MC’s & controls.


Pro Cycle Autometer Speedo and custom indicators.

Bodywork & Seating

Ally Gas Tank; Front & Rear Fenders by Simon Parker; Leather seat by Alan Smith of Saxon Seating.


Now that all bugs have been ironed out, it roars, glides (and brakes!...) like a Dream…
But not for the faint hearted!


Tom Fuller and his Gang did a marvellous job with that Black and Red robe whilst Bertie Dubet did the homage to Jeff McCann on the rear fender…

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