Georg Meier's Backstory

June 2022

Georg Meier's Backstory

Georg Meier

1200cc Turbo


Those of you that are old or learned enough to know about BMW racing pedigree will remember the term Rennsport (or RS) given to their very many and very successful competition machines of yesteryear.

BMW R9 George Meier

At the top of it all was reigning a certain Georg Meier and it is to celebrate his memory that Bertie Dubet once again took his CAD hammers, screwdrivers and musician hands to create that kewl rendering of an iconic period but on a totally brand new and road legal BMW Mowersickle!...

George Meier

The stunning Georg Meier

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Georg Meier

But now let’s have a little boast about what we do differently here: The BMW R NineT has enjoyed much attention over the last few years but most customisers (not all…) have limited their mods to fitting available aftermarket parts. Bert and Nicolas (EMD owner) have gone to town with their own renderings; amongst others: Custom cut wheels, ally tank and fenders, Garret Turbo (!), HD Breakout front forks assy; exhaust system by an Italian welding guru Maestro Marco Fedriga; to mention but a few of many classy details! 

Technical Specs


Design & Build:
Bertie Dubet & EMD’s Nicolas Pigeyre.


BMW 1000 TB02 Garret Turbo!
Billet valve cover by EMD.
Hand welded stainless pieces  (100 pieces!) by Marco Fedriga.
Supertrapp aluminum muffler.




Stock but with 3 degree rake on steering column.

Suspension & Steering

Billet triple trees by Bertie Dubet and EMD.
Rear Fournales Monoshocks. 
Front new HD Breakout Forks!

Wheels & Brakes

18” Front & Rear designed by Bertie Dubet and machined by Nicolas Pigeyre’s EMD 
Metzeler tyres.



Licence plate support, Turn signals by Rizoma.
Headlight by EMD.

Bodywork & Seating

Aluminium Gas Tank, Front & Rear fenders;  Fairing and everything else, really, by Bertie Dubet.


BMW Rennsport; get a life!...


House of Kolors: Kandy Root Beer painted by, and again everything else, really, by Bertie Dubet.

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