Monterey Class 
Norton MkIV-R Commando 900

March 2023

Monterey Class Norton MkIV-R Commando 900

Norton Commando

Monterey Class
MkIV-R Commando 900


On Display
Poole, UK

As previously recounted, in the 70’s & 80’s Californian petrol heads invented a new racing class, so the story goes, halfway between circuit road racing and dragster style Standing Quarter Mile; that was the Standing Mile later termed “Monterey Class”.

Norton Commando Right Side

This required hybrid motorcycles, again, to be built halfway between circuit racers and standing quarter types. So, with the recent announcement that historic British brand Norton has been revitalised (once more…), new models bearing the Norton logo will soon reappear in global markets.

With that in mind, having looked at some of the best bikes to wear the famous badge, the iconic memory scoot hereby presented was given birth handcrafted from scratch by John Parry of Cobra Motorcycles Engineering and Pete Lovell Developments for that fast road motor; both under Jeff Duval’s detailed specifications and overseeing stewardship.

Norton Commando Chasis

For starters, John Parry custom fabricated its famous 7/8th chromoly, 5” stretch, 37-degree rake chassis for that Monterey Class allure. On the mech side of things, a full Fast Road 900 MkIV-R motor was commissioned and entirely rebuilt from scratch by World Class Norton performance specialist Pete Lovell Esq.
Click here for detailed engine specification

Norton Engine

Many higher techs new or custom machined parts were used, emphasising optimisation and track usability instead of all out uncontrollable power!

1968 Team Lotus F1 Car Paintwork

And the source of this bike’s paintwork? When Lotus started racing, Grand Prix cars were painted in national colour schemes, and, as a British team, they raced in that distinctive and classic “British Racing Green”. Even back in the late 60's however, the Lotus team gave the colour scheme a distinctive look of their own, by adding a strong flash of yellow - taken from their classic marque. This yellow stripe has been translated onto our paintwork by none other than Tom, Steve, Sammy and Mandy of Image Custom Design, Camberley.

Norton Faring Paintwork

JETS’ Monterey Class Norton MkIV-R Commando 900 finally being redeemed to its elusive former glory is a good example of that iconic but ephemeral “Monterey Class”. More similar rebuilds in the pipeline soon to be shown here…

Norton Letter

Technical Specs


Design & Build:

Design: Jeff Duval
Frame and overall build: John Parry
Motor: Pete Lovell
Paint: Image Custom Design


Please MUST SEE attachment for detailed engine rebuild by Pete Lovell but, in brief, Fast Road engine 900cc using dynamically lightened and balanced crank and rods.

Gas flowed head with competition valves, springs, and rockers together with appropriate lift cams.

Crowned by a pair of muscular Amal Mk2 Concentrics, optimising usability instead of all out uncontrollable power!


4  Speed OEM Tranny also rebuilt from scratch at the same time as the motor by said Pete Lovell and John Parry.


Handcrafted from scratch by John Parry of Cobra Frames. 7/8th chromoly, 5” stretch, 37-degree rake for that Monterey Class allure. 

Russel Jones’ Silvabronz of Alton, 01420 80880 undertook all the finicky and complex chroming of all other bright parts that are very many…


Competition Ceriani 35mm adjustable front fork assy and rear shox by legendary CR Suspension Kft of Budapest HU.


Black anodised 21” & 18” ally wire rims with S/S spokes by Apollo Wheels of Los Angeles.

Full Beringer competition brake assy and hand controls.

Iconic Swedish Racing ISR 13.5 & 11.5 floating discs.


Despite being an in-depth restoration of a racing machine, Jeff, and builder John Parry decided to make the scoot road legal.

The complex e-trics & e-tronics wiring with help of sparky extraordinaire Welshman Dave Norris of Wired Iron, 07710 276047, made sure that all the lights, sparks, starter motor and much digital trickery would all work together in perfect harmony...


In keeping with other new JETS classic racing projects, Jeff paid immense attention to making the project rideable by seasoned riders.

Thus, he is to be credited with most bodywork finery.


An iconic competition machine recrafted to be road legal and comfortably useable but again… by only seasoned riders.


The job of shooting the finished scoot was carried out by Jeffers himself aided by webmaster Stephen Clark.


The seriously critical job of painting this unique restoration project was entrusted to Tom, Steve, Sammy and Mandy of Image Custom Design, Camberley, who have been able to commendably replicate the style and skill that the great Jeff McCann (RiP) introduced to custom bike painting in the 90’s.


Lastly but certainly not least, due credit needs to be given to The Man who singlehandedly undertook all the outstanding polishing: Namely Patrick McKay Esq. and his family of Hi-Pol metal finishers of Fareham, 01329 289982 (also rumoured to be Messrs Rolls Royce Motors, no less, preferred polishers!).

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